Saddleworth is to be found lying high on the moorlands between Lancashire and Yorkshire and though deemed to be part of Yorkshire, it is nowadays part of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, causing much debate amongst the locals.

This parish, more so than many others, has had its history shaped by the industrial events of the area rather than agricultural events. A region of dramatic natural features with fast flowing rivers and steep craggy hills that look as though someone has just tossed huge boulders on the top of them, the scenery is outstanding. Saddleworth is a collection of small villages and hamlets, including Delph, Diggle, Dobcross, Denshaw, Greenfield, Uppermill, Scouthead, Lydgate, Grasscroft, Freizland, Springhead and Austerlands, all lying to the North East of Manchester and the west side of the Pennine hills. Saddleworth is also next door neighbour to Marsden, which is another lovely village to visit.

Dovestones Reservoir
With its breathtaking vistas, the Dove Stone area of Saddleworth offers visitors the chance to explore part of the Peak District National Park.

There is an extensive network of footpaths and considerable moorland area with open access. In addition there is a wheelchair circuit around the reservoir and a permanent orienteering course.

Castleshaw Roman Fort
Steeped in history and located in the picturesque valley of Castleshaw, more information can be found through this link. Also where our neighbour farm is located, you will more than likely see our sheep grazing amongst the fort.

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Pots n Pans
A truly breath taking walk up to this Saddleworth War Memorial, for those who like an adventure.
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Saddleworth Museum
The museum stands in a beautiful and historic location beside the Huddersfield Canal in the village of Uppermill, nestled in the hills in the middle of the area known as Saddleworth, an old Yorkshire Parish with its own identity. Here one can unearth the history of the area as well as seeing the evidence of the prehistoric visitors, the Romans, and the early home working weavers through to the industrialists that created the wealth in the area.

Pennine Moonraker - Saddleworth Canal Boat Tours
Saddleworth Canal boat hire and cruises, is home to the Pennine Moonraker - the only narrow boat operating on the Uppermill section of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
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Festivals include:
Whit Friday Brass Band contests
Described as the greatest free show on earth…
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Saddleworth Rushcart
Read the fabulous history behind this event…..
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Yanks Weekend
A fantastic weekend of celebratory events ……. 
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Yorkshire Day
A celebration and statement of loyalty to the White Rose. Food & craft stalls, brass bands, sheep shearing, Yorkshire readings and lots more festivities!

Saddleworth Real Ale Pubs:
The Swan Inn, Dobcross
Real ale, open fires, dog friendly.
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The White Lion, Delph
Real ale, open fires, dog friendly.
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The Church Inn, uppermill
Real ale, own brewery, open fires, dog friendly.
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