The Family


The Hirst family have been at Albion Farm since Ernest Hirst bought it from a relative in the early 1900's. 

He kept a large number of poultry, supplying eggs to shops all over the area. Ernest’s son Sidney, his wife Lilian and their young son David then took over the farm.

Lillian sold eggs at the farm door for many years, until the shop opened in September 2007. She still lives in the farmhouse and can be found chatting to customers in the cafe and shop. 

Sidney's uncle, Joe Hibbert, had a butcher’s shop, adding butchery to the family tradition. 

David and Annette, as well as running Albion Farm, have been tenants of United Utilities at Wood Farm, Delph, for 30 years. As well as continuing the poultry and free range eggs at Albion Farm they have built up the herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle, which were first established in 1970.

Lonk and Gritstone breeds of sheep, native to this area of the Pennines can be found on the hills along with a flock of pedigree polled Dorset and Dorset Horn sheep which Annette and David began in 1985.

Daughter Laura, a musician, is also a partner in the business and as well as overseeing shop management, she is developing the business for the digital age to allow customers to easily access events and foodie information.

Albion Farm Shop is a truly family run business serving the local community and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!