Hog roast

Make a big impression with a Hog Roast



Delight your guests with an Albion Farm Shop free range hog roast. An extremely unique and enjoyable experience to accompany any event. The hog will roast for an appropriate period of time so the meat is perfectly tender and succulent and the cracklin’ lovely and crisp. It is a brilliant accompaniment to any wedding reception, party or festival, no matter how large or small. And who could resist the aroma of a hog roasting away. We use a brilliantly designed gas roasting machine which allows the hog to roast on view until approximately 30 minutes before serving. The hog is then raised and carved before guests eyes which always draws a hungry gathering. 

We usually accompany the hog toast with fresh white muffins, delicious stuffing and Bramley apple sauce - all homemade on the farm and equally as delicious. To finish off, we also offer a number of salad and dessert options, including a light red berry cheesecake and a chocolate roulade. 

To book
Please note that quotes are given on the number of guests and not for the hog. Sizes will vary depending on the numbers, for example, 40 guests would not need a large 80kg hog.

For all enquiries please phone our shop on:
01457 874366

You can also hire the machine only, or we can provide it with a free range hog. Albion Farm would deliver your machine and provide operating instructions. The machine would be collected either later the same day or the next morning depending on event finishing time.

Happy hog roast!