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The Fruit Pig Company

The Fruit Pig Company are our new suppliers of delicious fresh blood Black Pudding.

That’s right, a fresh blood Black Pudding, which believe it or not, is extremely rare! A fact that the majority of people do not realise.

Fresh blood black pudding is so rare most of you have probably never bought or tasted it, and we believe that at least 95% of the Black pudding sold in the UK is made with dried pigs blood. Ours is a sumptuous mix of fresh blood, oats, pearl barley, onion, fat, spices and a handful of sultanas... it's a paleo diet-friendly black pudding too with no nasty preservatives, colourings or E numbers!

The unique blend of herbs and spices make it amazingly moorish with a moist mouthfeel of almost smoothness and perhaps even a haggisy hint...