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Browse through our selection of fabulous cakes and desserts, brought to you by Stuart Thornley Cake Designs, COOK Desserts, and William's Handbaked.

Williams Luxury Handmade Christmas Cake

SKU: 2626


Serves: 8

A traditional fruit cake mix loaded with fruit, nuts and cherries, topped with marzipan and a layer of sugar paste icing. Made using the finest ingredients, lovingly combined to make something truly special.

Stuart Thornley Cake - Amaretto Orange Layer Cake

SKU: 2552


Serves: 6-8

6" Orange sponge cake, layered and finished with Amaretto frosting and topped with amaretti biscuits.

Stuart Thornley Cakes - After Eight

SKU: 2550


Serves: 6-8

Stuart Thornley's hand baked After Eight cake, a delicious chocolate and mint cake topped with After Eights.

Raspberry Roulade

SKU: 2547


Serves: 8-10

A light pavlova roll packed with fresh cream and raspberries. A firm favourite since day one at COOK.

Stuart Thornley Cake - Chocolate Orange

SKU: 2840


Serves: 6-8

Chocolate orange fudge cake, layered and finished with chocolate orange frosting and topped with Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Stuart Thornley Cake - Chocolate Fudge

SKU: 2842


Serves: 6-8

Chocolate fudge cake, layered and finished with chocolate frosting.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

SKU: 2847


Serves: 6-8

A sumptuously dark, fluffy all-butter sponge made with dates, vanilla and a deliciously sticky toffee sauce.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

SKU: 2849


Serves: 6-8

Sweet apple slices and plump blackberries beneath a golden oat crumble.

Belgium Chocolate Yule log

SKU: 2851


Serves: 8-10

Dark chocolate sponge, covered generously with butter icing and sprinkled with edible gold dust.

Figgy's Christmas Pudding

SKU: 2855


Serves: 750g - Serves 6-8

Christmas pudding, traditionally matured in a Mason Cash ceramic pudding basin, with Somerset Cider Brandy and Hanlons Port Stout. Displayed in a beautiful decorative box. Suitable for vegetarians.

Apple Strudel

SKU: 2903


Serves: 6-8

A classic strudel made with crisp filo pastry, spiced Bramley apples, pecans, sultanas, and a pecan crumble topping. Serves 6-8.