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A message from Hannah & Holly - the end of 2016

For both of us, 2016 was our first full year at Albion Farm and we had lots to achieve.

Our focus in the shop was to find new, exciting British produce that was unique to ourselves and not found in every supermarket. New introductions included ‘Tea Huggers’ herbal teas, ‘Snaffling Pig’ pork scratchings (who have since featured on Dragon's Den) and endless amounts of gin.

Gin was a big thing in 2016 and its popularity is only increasing as non gin drinkers discover their new found love for a quality artisan gin.

Going forward we will continue to scout around and discover new British products which we know you would all love to see in our farm shop. We love keeping things fresh and surprising our customers with new finds! Of course, feel free to let us know if you find a product or supplier you think would be perfect for us.

Our summer and Christmas festivals in 2016 were a great success and we plan on hosting these again this year, along with plenty of tasters, theme and charity days (see ‘What’s on’).

We are also in the process of planning day trips that will depart from Albion Farm and include visits to York Races, Nunnington Hall and the Christmas markets. Breakfast at Albion will start off the morning before departing on the coach. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements and information on these events.

We’ve had a great start to 2017, kicking off with a surprise visit from EHO who awarded us with a 5* rating once again! We look forward to maintaining our high standard throughout 2017 and are excited to have a fun, fresh and busy year ahead of us.

With a fancy new machine in our butchery department (ooooo), we now offer a range of hearty, home prepped dishes which you can simply pop in the oven at home. We are keen to extend this offering and are excited to see what our butchery and kitchen can stir up.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support and for making it so rewarding to work for you.

Hannah & Holly X
Shop Manager & Deputy Manager