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BlueBird Tea

Bluebird Tea are blend specialists, calling themselves Tea Mixologists, meaning that they focus on developing unique blends of tea. So, rather than straight teas such as green tea or chamomile tea, they instead create exciting flavours by mixing them with a wide range of blending ingredients including herbs, flowers, fruits, caramel, chocolate.. and even cake sprinkles! Their range is currently over 80 blends and they release 4 limited edition blends each season, so it is still growing. Who knew tea could be so exciting!? It gets better... they also focus on making their teas versatile, not by just having them as a hot drink, but mixing them up into tea cocktails, fresh iced teas, real chai teas, cold brews, latte's and even smoothies!

Flavours include, Bears Like marmalade, Strawberry lemonade, Rhubarb & Custard, Birthday Cake Rooibos, Apple Strudel, Gingerbread Chai, HoneyBee Beautiful……and the list goes on!!